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Website Design Brighton

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George Challiss

Managing Director

Web Designer Brighton

Josh Stewart

Head of Sales

Web Designer Brighton

Danni Burge

Social Media Expert

Web Designer Brighton

Luke Smith

SEO Expert

We take on the challenge of helping you to grow your company through digital marketing, utilising all the avenues we can to make your online presence as strong and as effective as it can possibly be. Why? Well, it’s often too easy for companies that are working hard every day to take the time to think about their web presence. It often gets shoved to the back of the queue and forgotten about. Yet, having a strong online visibility can have real impacts on the number of leads and sales you make as a company. Gone are the days of people picking up a phone directory and scrolling down the alphabet – people can find everything they need from just a few clicks on the internet. If you aren’t there when they look, that’s a lead you’ve missed out on.

On a more personal level, we are a team of experts in our respective fields. We don’t each claim to know everything about all of Orange Oak’s services because one person couldn’t possibly know it all. We work as a team and pull our collective knowledge to help you and your company. At the end of the day, if you’re company isn’t growing then we aren’t happy. Our greatest buzz is hearing back from a client saying they’ve never been busier – and believe it or not, it happens quite regularly. We’re happy when you’re happy and that’s the way it should be.

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