We’re here to get you to the top of Google and gain you leads. Our main aim is to help you grow your company and to do that, its incredibly important to increase the visibility of your website and grow the number of visitors.

Researching your keywords is possibly the most important part of your SEO campaign. Choosing the correct keywords to target can have a huge impact on both the overall visibility of your site but also the quality of your leads. You need to be targeting high volume keywords that will attract the right potential client for you.
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Making sure your site is coded correctly is the second most important part of your SEO campaign. Your site may look great to humans, but if it is not coded properly, or pages aren’t optimised properly, the robots will simply be unable to understand the site and you will rank significantly lower.
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When crawling your website, robots read through your content, just like us humans, and decide where to rank your site based on the content’s quality, its keyword density and volume. It also looks at how often the site is updated which is why we put effort into creating content for your blogs every month.
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Trust value and relevance are two of the main factors when building links. We won’t be building you thousands of links from anywhere and everywhere – that won’t help you. Our link building strategies are much more focused on gaining high quality, trustworthy links that benefit your site long term.
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So your SEO campaign is underway and you’ve seen the research and can see articles being posted. How do you know whether it’s benefitting your site? Well, you’ll receive a monthly ranking report of all your keyword movements. You can track your results throughout the whole campaign.
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Everything’s on the up! Your rankings are improving and the phones are ringing red hot. How do we know it’s all working for you? We are able track the number of visits that come through to your site organically from search engines and will talk with you to find out how your leads have improved as the campaign progresses.
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SEO Services "It is SO good to be in the hands of guys who know what they are doing. SEO is not easy - I've tried all the 'do it yourself' options, and they just don't cut it. After only a few days with Orange Oak, everything is falling into place. Highly recommended." Gerald Gouriet, Licensing Lawyer
SEO Services " Orange Oak took over our internet marketing & SEO 6 months ago and they have produced some fantastic results for us. They took an exact understanding of our business and the areas we cover. We are now being found for over 30 different keywords on page 1 of Google, Yahoo & Bing through SEO. " Terry Obrien, Obrien's Of Worthing

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