We’re here to get you to the top of Google and gain you leads. Our main aim is to help you grow your company and to do that, its incredibly important to increase the visibility of your website and grow the number of visitors.

A strong social presence involves a large amount of work across a range of platforms. It’s great posting to Facebook regularly, but you need to be targeting audiences on multiple platforms and make your net as big as it can be to catch potential customers’ attention.
Social Media Marketing
Posting on social media platforms is easy, but making sure what you post is relevant, attention catching and regular can be a bit more difficult. This is where we come in! Our posts are all up to date with latest industry news and regular, feeling like an authentic part of your company.
Social Media Marketing
regular & relevant
Social platforms are becoming more and more like little brats – they let you post, but they won’t show your posts to any of your followers. That’s why its important to create well researched and targeted adverts to be visible for your existing and potential followers.
Social Media Marketing
With regular posts targeting the right audience across a range of platforms, you are on your way to a strong social media presence. However, what often gets swept under the carpet is the importance of keeping your brand identity consistent throughout your platforms.
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing needs to be clever. We need to create a network of interactions that closely follow the peak times that potential customers will be viewing social media. This is where we connect our study of your website analytics with a timetable for social posts to ensure optimal visibility.
Social Media Marketing
peak times
One of the key ways in which to gain attention is to get the user interested. This is where our knowledge of user interaction comes into play: understanding what catches the eye, knowing what makes a person click on a post, inviting retweets etc are all part and parcel of a strong social media marketing campaign.
Social Media Marketing


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Social Media Marketing "We've got content going out every single day on our various platforms and have had fantastic feedback from our fans. We never got to grips with the whole social media thing so for Orange Oak to come in and take over was a huge relief. Now we can concentrate on the music while they build out fanbase." David Duce, Levity
Social Media Marketing "We buy and sell footwear for farm and festivals and have seen a huge increase in sales since the launch of our social media campaing with Orange Oak. They've used the photos we've taken and sold them to our audience whilst building more likes and followers all the time." Ernest, Farm & Festival Footwear

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