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Video Production

Videos are a great way to give your users the information they want without boring them with lengthy text and unrelated pictures. What’s more, video has actually become an incredibly important part of SEO and is increasing in popularity throughout companies of all sizes. Videos also come in all shapes and sizes – they can be quick explainer videos, it could be you talking about your company, even a 30 second animation about what you do – there’s lots of ways of getting a video onto your website.

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Where do you start with a video? There’s so many different avenues and options each with their own benefits. The most important step, then, is planning exactly what will be best for you and making sure you get it right first time. At this stage, we’ll work closely with you to decide what you want and how we can add our expertise.

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Now that we’ve planned what’s wanted, the he next step is getting down to actually creating the video. Whether this is shooting live footage, animating drawings or cutting together other shots, this is when we let our creative juices flow to make you something that you’ll truly be proud to put your company’s name to.

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Now you’ve got the video and it looks great! So, what now? Well, with the video ready, next we need to get it found, get it on the web and share it with the world. We’ll help you with this as it can be a difficult task to get it seen by the right people and to get the sharing ball rolling to maximise the visibility of the video.

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Our Video Production Examples

We don’t like to boast, but we’ve made videos for some pretty well known companies! However, it’s important to remember that video isn’t just limited to multi national corporations. We’ve also created videos for local companies who have benefitted hugely as a result. Here’s some examples of our work:


Nissan Leaf

We were commissioned to do a quick video for Nissan Leaf to promote its eco-efficiency and cost effectiveness to run and maintain.

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Scandinavian high quality mens clothing company, Dressman, commissioned this advert to show the durability and quality of their clothing.

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Kyocera Race Day

Well renowned technology company, Kyocera, commissioned a video of their sponsored touring car track day.

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The Power of Online Video

To demonstrate the importance of online video for businesses, consider these statistics. There are over 1 billion unique visitors to YouTube each month,500 years of You Tube videos are viewed every single day on Facebook and 700 You Tube videos are shared every 60 seconds on Twitter. As the popularity of online video increases, so does the demand for personalised, relevant content. This presents a huge opportunity to businesses who want to reach their target audience in an effective manner. Incredibly, YouTube is now 28% of all Google searches, which showcases the power of online video for SEO. Google loves video and tends to favour video content over written content. Did you know that if you have a video on your website, it’s 50 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google? This is great news if you’re looking to improve your online presence and visibility.

SEO Benefits of Videos

Despite the increased awareness of the importance of using online video for SEO, many businesses and marketers are still ignoring the channel altogether. This seems incredible when you consider the statistics. This presents you with a excellent opportunity to take advantage of online video and move ahead of your competition. However, it’s important to remember that online video isn’t simply about shooting a quick video and uploading it to your website. Just like plain text content, video can be optimised for search engines. Here at Orange Oak we specialise in producing online videos that are optimised for search. From product presentations to company testimonials through to web clips and talking head films, we can deliver first-class online videos on any platform that you need.