Getting Your Site Perfect for Mobiles

In this modern age we have all become a lot more mobile. Whether it is shopping, communicating with your friends, or watching the TV, we can do all of these things from our mobile phones.

This means that it has become all the more important for businesses to be aware of how they appear on a mobile platform.

Not every website out there is mobile friendly, and this could be having a huge impact on the amount of sales and customers that you have. So, perhaps the time has come to try and make sure that you appeal much more to a mobile world? If so, here at Orange Oak, we have put together our top tips for how to design the very best website for mobiles.

Responsive or mobile only?

One of the first things that you need to think about is whether you create a standalone mobile website or make your current website responsive. Having a separate mobile domain does mean that it is a completely separate entity to the desktop version of your website, but that does mean that you have twice the work. Simple things like updating content will need to be done twice to make sure that both your websites are up to date.

Think about the layout

When you view a website on your mobile phone then it will need to be easy to navigate. If you have lots of navigation bars or need to scroll then it may put you off of using it. It is a good idea to try and use single-columns in your mobile design, not only does it make it easy to navigate, but it also makes the most of the space that you have on your mobile site too.

Is the call to action clear?

There is no point spending all that time making sure that your mobile website functions well, if you don’t have a nice and clear call to action for your customers to follow. On a mobile screen this should be large and that easy to press too, especially if you want to make sure that it stands out.

Make sure it is easy to read

Chances are that your customers will be using a mobile site as they are out and about, and they will often want a quick answer to their question. This means that you should really make sure that your mobile website is clear and easy to read. All of the important information should be included and in an obvious place.

Finally, it needs to be quick to load

No-one wants to be hanging around waiting for a mobile site to load, which is why you really should make sure that your mobile website loads up quickly and easily. That way you are not likely to lose the conversion and the customer.

Mobile websites may take some extra work, but it really is a worthwhile step to take. Give us a call at Orange Oak and see how we can help you to have the best mobile website Brighton possible.

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