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Thinking About Bespoke Website Design? Here Are The Benefits

It seems like most things in life, websites for your business can now be bought ready to go out of a box. Whilst these websites are a good way to create something quickly and easily, they may not end up being the best idea. The trouble is, paying out for a bespoke website seems to […]


Spotting a Professional Web Design Company

Here at Orange Oak we are proud to be a professional Brighton Website Design company. We have worked throughout the years to make sure that we are recognised as having not only the right expertise, but also being able to deliver the very best in service too. The world of website design can be a […]


Getting Your Site Perfect for Mobiles

In this modern age we have all become a lot more mobile. Whether it is shopping, communicating with your friends, or watching the TV, we can do all of these things from our mobile phones. This means that it has become all the more important for businesses to be aware of how they appear on […]


How To Speed Up Your Website

You may not think it, but the speed of your website really doesn’t have an impact on its success. A delay of as little as 1 second could mean that your page receives as much as 11% less views and decreases customer satisfaction by as much as 16%. This means that you really should be […]


Achieving High-End Website Design

Designing a website isn’t the easiest thing to do. Sometimes you can spend a huge amount of money on it, only for it to end up looking cheap and rushed. Other times, you can achieve a luxurious look for very little money. So, what makes a website look high end, and what makes it feel […]


How to make the most of your content and digital marketing UK

If you have a website for your business then that is a great start. However, to really make the most of content and digital marketing UK, you need to boost the visibility of that website. There are a variety of ways to do this, and the best news is that you don’t have to be a digital […]


Being in the moment is the new thing in Social Media Marketing

Any business will know that social media marketing is a powerful tool to promote themselves. It allows you to connect with your customers, build brand awareness and make sure that your target market knows exactly what you can offer them. However, one mistake that many companies make when it comes to social media marketing is […]


Why it pays to have a bespoke website design

You may think that it doesn’t matter what your website looks like, as long as it functions. Whilst this is true for many small business, meaning that they reach for the build it yourself, template sites. For some businesses these off the shelf websites may not fit the bill. We believe that bespoke website design […]


Why SEO is one of the most powerful online tools for your business

Creating a website for your business takes time and effort, as does building an online presence. Imagine, if you took the time to build and design an amazing website, only to find that you weren’t attracting all the traffic that you needed? This could be down to your approach to Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is […]



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