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Why you need a website

There are many things to think about when setting up and running your business. One of the most important things is your website. A good website can really make the difference between a successful business and one that isn’t so successful. But why? Here are what we think are the main benefits to having a […]


Expanding Branding: Designing A Strong Corporate Identity

An 8 Step Guide to Elevating Your Brand Identity Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve decided to modernise your company’s identity, making sure your branding is spot on is one of the most important and difficult processes that you need to get right. So we’ve put together a quick and easy 10 step guide […]


Do What You Say & Say What You Do

Striking a Balance Between Functionality And Technicality “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – a phrase coined by the great writer, Margaret Hungerford. It’s a phrase that remains just as true now as when it was first penned back in the 19th century. What does it mean? Well, in simple terms, it means […]


The Importance of Combining SEO & Website Design Early

There comes a time for every company to have their website built, renovated, or reimagined. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience in the dos and don’ts of getting a new website built, one things for certain: you need to make sure SEO is on your mind. It’s very easy to go […]


How do you play Photoshop?

This week, we looked into the extremely popular world of image manipulation. It goes without saying that there is a mass saturation and a growing awareness of the capabilities of photo editing software to the point where the term “photoshopping” is a widely understood and used concept. As such, we began to work on developing our […]


Welcome to Orange Oak!

Here’s a quick message to say welcome! This is a new website that will begin to fill up with exciting new articles – some about industry specific developments, others about our own research. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what you read and feel free to contact us if you have any ideas for new articles we could […]



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