Spotting a Professional Web Design Company

Here at Orange Oak we are proud to be a professional Brighton Website Design company. We have worked throughout the years to make sure that we are recognised as having not only the right expertise, but also being able to deliver the very best in service too.

The world of website design can be a busy market, so how can you be sure that you have a professional website design company over one that will only be able to do an average job?

Do they have a portfolio?

Rather than just telling you about how great they are, a truly quality website design company will be able to show you too. You should always ask to see their portfolio, as this will give you an insight into some of the projects that they have taken on, and what they have created in the past.

Do they fit your brand personality?

Chances are that you will need to build a good working relationship with the website design company of your choice. This means that they should be a good fit with your own business values and personality. If you don’t get this vibe from them right from the go get, then chances are that they are not going to be right for you.

Are they happy to spend time working with you?

No client wants to feel like another number when being provided with a service. That feeling of being on a conveyor belt isn’t great. So, make sure that the website design company that you pick are happy to spend the time with you, understanding more about what your business does and what you need from them.

What is their price like?

We all love to get a bargain, but this should never be at the detriment of your website design. Sometimes the price is not reflective of the quality you can expect to receive, although sometimes, if you really want the results, then you are going to need to pay out for it.

Is there any customer feedback?

A testimonial can show how past clients would rate the service that they have received. This should be able to be provided by the website design company. Even better, why not see if you can speak to some of the companies that have already had their website designed, and ask them what their thoughts were.

Want to make sure that your website looks and runs the best it can? Why not give Brighton Website Design experts Orange Oak a call? We are here to make sure that your business, whether large or small, has the very best website possible. No matter your industry or need.


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